by Orange Hill / PL

The audience, the lights and the stage are not only the work environment of actors, but these are also factors which each manager or leader need to face.

When presenting the new team strategy or company performance results, they are not only ovations that count but mainly self-confidence, charisma, conscious self-presentation and authenticity. The aim of the workshop ‘Stage and the Lines’ is to strengthen the awareness of body language and persuasion capabilities. Thanks to using various, verified theatrical techniques, the workshop helps finding the courage and gives tools needed to reveal the potential of your own personality. All stages of the workshop, starting from working on the stage through self-analysis and analysis of other participants’ behavior, ending with the discussion, take place under the supervision of the director. The workshop ‘Stage and the Lines’ focuses on developing emotional intelligence, observing your own behavior and building the managerial self-awareness.

The participants may expect:

  • Work on a theater adaptation with a playwright
  • Different methods of stage warm-up
  • Theater training with actors
  • Work on stage with the director

The workshop is especially useful in a situation when:

  • You see barriers in your ability to express emotions
  • You want to better cope with stress or you see that you lack distance in difficult situations
  • You want to develop your self-presentation skills and be more aware of your body language and tone of expression
  • You are concerned about the authenticity of your own behaviors and you want to learn how to appropriately read your team members’ reactions
  • You are interested in both verbal and non-verbal communication techniques

Through the workshop:

  • You will be more able to choose better self-presentation techniques and communication strategies
  • You will be more open to break barriers in emotions – to leave the comfort zone
  • You will be able to better analyze your own behaviors and reactions of team members and colleagues
  • You will be better able to use the word and body language, thanks to which resolving conflict situations will be easier
  • You will learn stress reduction techniques
  • You will become more open to diversity in the workplace
  • You will learn assertiveness