by KulturAXE / AT


The Workshop MASK PLAY focuses on non-verbal communication, improvisation, creativity and empowerment. It will enhance your authenticity of communication as it has the power to connect the notions of “who I am” and “how do I communicate”!

It is a fascinating journey into the unexpected. Communication in a non-hierarchical context. Self-perception of body language and creative improvisation while interacting with the group. Experience authenticity in role playing, your impact on others and the power of transformation through the masks.

Enhance mindfulness, compassion and respect. Strengthen your inner power. Improve your team leadership qualities by training your abilities to listen and of non-judgemental observation.

The workshop starts with a neutral mask which will be adapted step by step and creatively redesigned until it becomes your own mask. Ultimately inviting you to play both individually and in the group.

The workshop addresses Slow Management leadership skills of the 21st Century, such as:

  • Authenticity / Intuition
  • Risk propensity / Openness
  • Thinking outside the box
  • Capacity for innovation / Improvisation
  • Self-Awareness / Self-perception
  • Accepting Diversity / Capacity for teamwork