by Delle / HU


The music based workshop ‘JAM’ helps bringing fresh perspectives into team building,

It creates an open-minded attitude to obtain new concepts and solutions for managers and strengthen the team-focused collaboration. Music and rhythm in the way it is in the schedule of ‘JAM’ is not only a stress reliever, but it helps to get out of the overused routines and solutions. The exercises are developing time control over projects and other work related situations, plus the group of participants gets the knowledge of how to rehearse and how this rehearsal ends up in a successful, enjoyable performance.

Following the quick introduction, in which music is represented as a new form of business culture. The seminar members create their own trash music instruments and will play with them their own original sound piece.

An orchestra’s structure is similar to the structure of a corporation everyone has a specific role and they all share the same goal. This similarity can be used in order to foster ‘out of the box thinking’ and creativity and make easier the route for rebuild the manager’s routines.