Each change, creative idea or innovative solution entail a smaller or bigger revolution.

Art & Revolution Workshop will help in understanding the role of art as the accelerator of changes and will show the possibilities of art as a tool in developing important managerial competences. Art & Revolution puts emphasis on developing creativity, teaches how to manage creatively and helps entering out-of-the-box thinking. Various methods of work will be applied during the workshop, and theoretical elements will naturally be used in the practical part of the workshop. Art & Revolution is the workshop that gives courage to put into practice the newly acquired competences and to support your team in searching new innovative solutions.

Participants will turn into filmmakers. They will be divided into smaller film crews whose goal will be to make a short film. During the work, few surprises are awaiting each team…

The participants may expect:

  • Creative warm-up and brainstorming
  • Exercises with additional graphic means
  • Work on the script, creating a narrative
  • Work with the camera, tasks in groups and individual

The workshop is especially useful in a situation when:

  • You see that old habits and ways of acting are not adequate to the changing market reality, and when you want to act innovatively, yet you still have no idea for new solutions
  • Your employees still expect ready solutions from you, and you know that it would be best to teach them independence and searching their own ideas
  • You see the resistance of the team in developing new initiatives – you hear too often that ‘it’s pointless to invent something new when the old way still functions well’
  • You are about to undertake a new project in your company, you have to manage the team of engaged employees, you have to implement innovative solutions and you have no idea how to make the first step

Through the workshop:

  • You will understand what actually thinking “out of the box” means and what factors affect the unconventional way of thinking
  • You will know how to effectively promote your own, sometimes even non-standard initiatives and ideas
  • What’s more – you will know how to break the creative impasse in the team and initiate the process of creative thinking of your employees
  • You will understand how you can use the value of art to create unconventional solutions
  • You will learn to manage change