CULTURE PRO. Creative path of development.

The challenges of the future require new leadership skills in almost every field of our life. Climate change and the results of an expansive growth-oriented economy are the biggest issues we have to solve by trying to find positive solutions. At the same time complex business environments require out-of-the-box-thinking and alternatives to old hierarchical and authoritarian models.

Clearly we have to build a new approach to these problems and we have to build it soon. This process should be tackled step by step. It should be implemented at all levels of society and we understand that sensibility, creativity and openness are in need. CP directs itself to those who want to believe in new goals and who accept new arts-based methods focusing on humanistic approaches.

Art has many aspects, certainly one is to help people adjust for current challenges and to help foreseeing optimistic outcomes on difficult situations. Art opens eyes, allows to immerge into cognitive processes and helps to notice own potentials and strengths. It enhances leadership competences in order to become a “human” and inspiring leader.

Culture PRO places special emphasis on:

  • Promoting the unique role of art and culture in developing human resource competences and life-long learning
  • Raising awareness of the impact of art and culture on society and specifically on work values
  • Enhancing a humanistic approach in management
  • Developing and promoting new model of leaders of the future: authentic, sensible, creative, open and flexible.

Culture PRO’s aims are:

  • Develop competences and skills of managers in the context of Slow Management
  • Enhance diversity and equal treatment in the workplace
  • Raise awareness for the positive impact and value of arts and culture on leadership styles